How to access Snowflake admin account

If you wish to perform actions in your Snowflake data warehouse that require admin-level permissions, you will need to login as account admin on your Snowflake account.

Although you can use Mozart Data without logging into to your Snowflake account, there are cases where you may want to login to Snowflake as an admin:

  • creating a new user in your Snowflake account
  • managing permissions on specific tables
  • view or manage Snowflake billing and credit data
  • stop a running SQL statement


Please note:

You must be an admin on your Mozart Data account in order to view Snowflake admin credentials.

You will not see Snowflake admin credentials for trial accounts. If you are on a trial and wish to have Snowflake account admin access, please contact


1) Go to Integrations within the Mozart Data App (on the top nav bar) and select Snowflake


2) You should see the following screen with your Snowflake data warehouse credentials as well as a second set of credentials to use to login as the admin on your Snowflake account. Click the "1. Go to Snowflake" near the top of the page which will open Snowflake in a new tab in your browser.

3) Use the ACCOUNTADMIN credentials to login to Snowflake


Please contact if you are encountering any issues with this process.