August 2022 Release Notes

Table Explorer Design Update

The Table Explorer now features several display options of tables in your organization's database. This is also available in the Transformation page.

  1. All Tables: Displays all tables in the warehouse, organized by Schemas.
  2. Pinned: Displays tables that are manually pinned as well as the tables used in the current query screen.
  3. Recents: Displays tables that were recently edited or accessed.
  4. Starred/Favorites: Displays tables that are marked as Favorite.
  5. Tags: Displays tables with a tag(s), organized by Tags.

Query Editor Design Update

You can now maximize the SQL editor and Result Table to get an expanded view of either objects. Additionally, we have enabled the option to hide the Table Explorer.


Does your team have a lot of Views and do they start to clutter your Warehouse page? You can now choose to hide or show them. By default, we will now hide Views, but you can always change the setting by clicking "Show Advanced" next to the search engine.