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Getting Started

The goal of a Modern Data Stack is to automate the collection, centralization, and processing of data so that you can spend all of your time analyzing data and making business decisions.

Modern Data Stacks consist of these steps:

  1. Consolidate data from many siloed sources into a single data warehouse.
  2. Transform that data into a format that is easy to work with.
  3. Analyze your formatted data.
  4. Decide - Use your data to make better decisions.
  5. Repeat steps three and four over and over.

Once configured, Mozart Data handles steps one and two for you.

As you learn to use Mozart, you'll notice that Mozart's user interface mirrors this process.

If you are familiar with some sort of Decision Cycle methodology, it will be immediately apparent that Mozart is designed to automate the data collection and processing steps of the decision cycle, thereby, allowing your company to perform the decision cycle quicker.

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Getting Started

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