Once you have created some Transforms to format your data to its most consumable form, you will want to connect a BI Tool or some other tool to your Warehouse.

When you create your account, Mozart creates a user with read and write access to your Warehouse. You can use this user to connect any BI Tool to your Warehouse. Once you've connected your BI Tool, you can perform further analysis or create dashboards from your transforms.

Add a BI Tool

  1. On the header, click Integrations.
  2. Click on your preferred BI Tool, and you will be given a list of instructions on how to connect it to Mozart, including all of the necessary login credentials. If you don't see your tool listed, do not fret -- the login credentials are the same for every BI Tool. The only thing that varies between BI Tools is where and how you enter your credentials. So you can click on any BI Tool listed and copy the login credentials into the tool you are using.

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