December 2023 Release Notes

Mozart AI

We all know that AI has made impressive strides over the past year in almost every aspect of our lives and work. We are so excited to start off this year with the introduction of Mozart AI, our suite of generative AI capabilities, in our product. Our goal is to responsibly integrate AI into our product to enhance and optimize our customers' workflow. 



To kickstart our AI journey, we are announcing our first AI project: AI-generated Table Descriptions. This new feature automates the tedious, manual process of table description documentation, a crucial aspect for successful data teams. We are so happy to offer this time-saving solution using AI that will also greatly benefit both the data teams and non-technical teams who require more context about the data before accessing it.

Read more in docs 👉 Work Smarter with Mozart AI

CSV Uploader

Do you have a spreadsheet that you need to import into the data warehouse without using Connectors? We are so excited to introduce our new CSV Uploader! You can now easily upload CSV files to the data warehouse.

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This feature is perfect for accessing data from sources that do not have Fivetran connectors to explore and analyze ad-hoc datasets, and conducting quick sample data exploration & investigation before syncing bigger datasets via Connectors. Isn't that cool?

The best part? It doesn't use up your MAR! Read more in docs 👉 CSV Uploader