March 2023 Release Notes

Organized Schemas in Warehouse Page

We are excited to share two improvements to the Warehouse Page UI:

1) Transform Schemas: Previously, all of the transform tables were grouped into the "Transforms" folder regardless of the schemas they were created in. We made an improvement to create a separate "Transform Schemas" section and create unique "folders" for each schema.

2)  Connected Schemas: In addition to the separate transform schema section, we created a section dedicated to the schemas & tables created by connectors.

Connectors Default Sync Frequency

We have changed the default sync frequency for all connectors from 1 hour to 6 hours in an effort to help reduce Snowflake credits and slow down the MAR usage each month. 

Mozart Data for Free: Sonata

This month, we launched the new pricing plan called "Sonata" to enable every company to start centralizing and getting value out of their data. As part of the new plan, we now offer up to  25 Snowflake credits and 500,000 Fivetran Monthly Active Rows (MAR) to Sonata customers for free. Learn more about it on Product Hunt