September 2023 Release Notes

Connector Schema & Table Manager

We are excited to launch the Schema & Table Manager for all connectors – not just database connectors and a limited number of data sources anymore – without going into Fivetran. With this feature, users now have the ability to specify which source data tables should be synced, and easily deselect any others. This will greatly benefit our customers by reducing the Monthly Active Rows (MAR) and ultimately saving on monthly usage costs.

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Want to learn other ways to proactively manage monthly usage? Check out our help doc on Optimizing Usage from the Start

Notification Settings v2 (Subscribe / Unsubscribe)

Tired of receiving too many email notifications but can't turn off notifications in case you overlook an important pipeline failure? We have great news – you now have the ability to manage and unsubscribe from all alerts related to specific tables and dbt jobs. This means you can reduce the noise and only be alerted when the tables or dbt jobs that are important to you run into failures.

To manage your notification settings for tables and views: Go to the Settings tab on the table/view page and click on the Subscribe/Unsubscribe button under Notification Settings.

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Please note that the current notification subscription setting applies to the table/view-level. In the near future, we will also be introducing notification settings at the sub-object level, so users can opt out from specific data alert failures. Stay tuned!

To manage notification settings for dbt jobs: Go to the Summary tab on the specific dbt job page and and click on the Subscribe / Unsubscribe button under Notification Settings.

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