User Actions

Monitor all data pipeline-related changes in Mozart


We launched “User Actions” to provide you with the log of all data pipeline-related changes made by the the users in the organization.

Why is this important?

This allows you to keep track of important configuration changes that were made manually, such as schedule frequency, table names, or SQL content. The log is intended to inform the user the details of major changes, enabling them to troubleshoot, investigate, and debug problems that arise in their data pipelines

How does this work?

You can access the User Actions by going to:
1. User Icon -> User Actions: Access global changes, across all tables, transforms, and connectors

2. Connectors -> Settings -> User Actions: Access all changes related to the specific connector
3. Transform / Table Page -> User Actions: Access all changes related to that specific transform or table

Important Note:

Please keep in mind that we started logging the actions since June 2022, so any user actions from prior to June are not available. If you need access to changes made prior to June 2022, please reach out for help.