Mozart Data Users & Roles

Adding Mozart Data Users

To add new users to your organization, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Users section.

2. Locate and click on the 'Add User' button.

3. Provide the name and email address of the user you wish to add.

4. Assign them a role from the available options (See User Roles & Permissions below).

5. Click on the Add button.

6. Once you click Add, the user will receive an email containing a link to verify their email and reset their password.


User Roles & Permissions

Users in Mozart Data can be assigned one of the following three roles: Admin, Editor, or Viewer. These roles determine which actions they can perform as well as the objects they have access to.

Only the users with the Admin role can change or assign roles to other users. User roles can be changed by going to Settings > Users.

  Admin Editor Viewer
Invite / Remove Users
Assign User Roles
Add / Remove Connectors & Edit Schedules
Create / Delete Transforms & Edit Schedules
Run Ad-Hoc Queries
View Alerts
Create / Edit / Delete Alerts
Generate Snowflake Users from Mozart
Assign Snowflake Roles to Mozart Users
View Usage Information
Require Single-Sign On for Company
View User Actions
Add / Edit Table & Column Descriptions
Create / Delete Slack Integration
Create / Delete GitHub Integration
Set up Okta Configuration
Google Sheet Destination
Export Query Results (CSV or Google Sheets)