August 2023 Release Notes

dbt Core Integration

We are excited to announce the integration of dbt Core into Mozart Data. With this integration, users can now create, schedule, and execute dbt jobs, as well as deploy data models using dbt Core with Mozart Data acting as the orchestrator. This integration further promotes an environment where advanced data analysts and operators can collaborate in create transformations in the shared project space.

Read more in help docs -> Using dbt Core with Mozart Data

Check out our blog post -> 7 Key Benefits of Integrating dbt into Mozart


Snowflake User Management

Last month, we released the Snowflake user generation feature. This month, we are excited to give you more visibility into users in your Snowflake warehouse as well as the management capabilities. You can modify each individual Snowflake user's name, email, role (access level), and create or disable accounts – all within Mozart Data.

Read more in docs -> Snowflake Users & Roles

Screen Shot 2023-09-05 at 4.38.36 PM

Format SQL Shortcut

Are you tired of spending excessive time writing and formatting SQL queries? Do you find it challenging to ensure that your team follows a consistent query format? The importance of code formatting is often overlooked when it comes to writing code. We have good news for you - we have made it much easier to format your SQL queries. Give it a try by using the shortcut Option (⌥) + Shift + f on Mac or Alt + Shift + f on PC.

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Find more shortcuts by pressing Shift + ? anywhere in the Mozart app.