January 2023 Release Notes

Mozart Data Connected

Do you already have a Snowflake account and wish to connect it to Mozart Data? We are excited to be launching "Mozart Data Connected" in partnerships with Snowflake in order to allow customers who already have a Snowflake account to connect their database to Mozart Data. New customers can plug in their Snowflake account and start enjoying the core features that we offer, including ELT, pipeline configuration, data alerts, and more. Check out this guide to learn more.

User Accounts Management

We are introducing two changes to the User Accounts Management:

1. Name Changes: Users can now change their names listed on the Mozart Data account by going to the Settings page, under the "User Settings" field.


2. Deactivated Users: In order to ensure deactivated users' privacy, we will be hiding deactivated user accounts for non-admin users. Admin users can continue to view and, if necessary, reactivate the deactivated accounts by scrolling down the Users page.

Schema Change Policy

Previously, users had to go to the Fivetran interface to manage the sync settings new tables and columns for individual connectors. We recently made a change to allow users to manage their connector sync settings & setups directly from the Mozart interface.