April 2024 Release Notes

BigQuery Integration

If you already use BigQuery as your data warehouse and want to connect it to Mozart Data, you're in luck! Mozart Data now fully supports BigQuery integration. Simply follow the steps outlined in our guide here: Connecting BigQuery to Mozart Data 

Mozart App Homepage

Users are now directed to the in-app Homepage view by default. This is a snapshot of a user's Homepage view, where Mozart offers a quick overview of the entire workspace, including data pipeline statuses, recent tables and activities, and usage statistics. Check out this document to learn more: Mozart App Homepage

Company Setup Guide

To help new customers in your data journey, we are introducing the Company Setup Guide. This guide will be displayed to all users in the company until they have completed all the necessary steps. Once finished, new users joining the company can access the guide by clicking on the Question Mark icon located at the top-right corner of the app.