An overview of what you can do with tables.

Every table in your data warehouse has a corresponding "table page" in Mozart Data. This table page shows metadata about your table and contains controls to query or edit your table.

Every table page has at least three tabs of functionality:

  1. Summary Tab
    1. Edit the table's description and tags.
    2. A toggle to enable snapshotting.
    3. Buttons to query or export the table's data.
    4. Basic facts about the table such as the number of rows and its column descriptions.
    5. If it's a transform table, there will also be data about the transforms's last run status.
  2. Alerts - Get notified when your table's data meets a condition or is in an error state.
  3. Sheet Sync - Sync your table to a Google Sheet whenever it is updated.

Transform Tables also have the following tabs:

  1. Transform - Edit and schedule your transform.
  2. Runs - The run history of your transform.
  3. Versions - The edit history of your transform.
  4. Lineage - Visualize the pipeline that created your table.
  5. Settings - Miscellaneous settings not applicable to other tabs.